My Child is Stressed and Anxious...
What Can I Do?

By Karen St. Clair

When I ask moms anywhere in the world and from all kinds of backgrounds, “If you could help your child reduce their stress about anything, would life get better?” 90% answer “Yes, it would.” This is immediately followed by, “But I don’t know how.” There’s a huge gap between living with stress, knowing what to do about it and the actual doing.

Let’s start by acknowledging the actual origins of stress.

Your Stress Began Before Your Birth.
When your mom was conceived, she began her gestational journey, experiencing 9 months of cellular and chemical reactions to stress directly through her mom’s body. Part of her development in the womb included the creation of every egg needed for her own fertile time in life. You were one of them. Unbeknownst to your mom, unresolved ancestral stress and her own childhood stress would have an impact on your life and that of your child. Unresolved stress felt by your mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and back through the generations can lie dormant until triggered by a similar event in your life. Yes, stress can be generational.

So, What Can You Do About It?
Understand how your mind works. Let’s first clarify what the mind really is.

Your mind thinks in pictures. If I asked you to think about your favorite dessert or your first car, you would immediately have a visual reference. But what is a mind? We don’t often have a clear picture of that, so here is a simple way to picture your mind.

Imagine a circle with a straight line drawn through the center, dividing it into two parts. The top is your Conscious Mind (the thinking mind). The bottom is your Subconscious Mind (the feeling mind).

Now imagine five short lines coming out of the top half of the circle. These represent your senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. The Conscious Mind gets its input from the five senses and is able to accept or reject information and ideas that enter.

The Conscious Mind is only formed about 7 years after birth. Before age 7, the mind looks a little different. Only the lower part of the two parts is present without the dividing line.

The Subconscious Mind is wide open to receive anything! In these first 7 years, the Conscious Mind is not capable of accepting or rejecting. It must simply accept. This means that all information enters the Subconscious Mind unfiltered and becomes truth as things are repeatedly reinforced by parents, teachers, friends, social media, television and so on. For example, in those first 7 years, a repeated negative look of annoyance from a parent can manifest cognitively into a belief that ‘I’m not good enough.’ And so, the paradigm of stress begins.

What Is A Paradigm And How Is It Causing Stress In My Child?
The set of fixed habits and beliefs in the subconscious mind is called a Paradigm.
A paradigm is a mental program (like computer software) that controls all of yours and your child’s habitual behavior (95% of behavior is habitual originating from the Subconscious Mind).

We are all made of energy and as such, every human being downloads all information from conception to age 7 as truth. This is the way we develop and learn to become mini-moms and mini-dads to feel safe and compliant within our ‘tribe’.

This process is absolutely the same for all. Your child’s inherited beliefs will mirror your beliefs. In turn, we all see our world and its possibilities through the lens of our beliefs, habitual thoughts and actions. The paradigm is mostly made up from the beliefs of someone else! They are not even your own beliefs, but they became yours up to the point that you believe you are your thoughts, 80,000 per day.

So How Can You Help Your Child Reduce Their Stress?
By releasing your own. You might say, “the buck stops here” with passing on stress and anxiety to my child as our ancestors did by default. They were not aware of the concept of stress nor was their belief system supportive of energy modalities that teach self-help. Our Conscious and Subconscious Mind development hasn’t changed in millennia but our knowledge of how to release stress and anxiety from our bodies has and can serve as the path to a better future for existing generations and beyond.

Over the years, we have learned of many ways to lower stress in our everyday lives. Things like having a healthy diet, exercising, reducing screen-time, spending time outside, connecting with loved ones, deep-breathing and meditating, counseling, acupuncture and so much more are some activities that are known to help reduce stress. However, many find that those things still don’t seem like enough and wonder if there is something else that might be of help. Fortunately, there is another option that you may not know about. It is a technique that is non-invasive, easy and effective at reducing stress.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) commonly known as Tapping is one of the primary modalities shared in my practice and is proven to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and allow you to release the stress from unresolved circumstances of life. This is a great way to lower your child’s stress and anxiety level by lowering yours. I invite you to join the movement of parents that have found greater peace within themselves and their children by releasing their own stress and anxiety.

Karen St.Clair is an Accredited Certified EFT International Practitioner and highly skilled professional with a true gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes by empowering parents to create calm environments for their families to thrive. She is the founder of Reiki Tap RenewalSM, a modality that combines the energy psychology of EFT Tapping and the healing energy of her Master of Masters Reiki practice.

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