Families Making a Difference
By Sharon Dadmun, LMSW-cc, SMART Child and
Family Services

Peggy Rowe and Willie Angelino have been resource (AKA foster) parents since 2010.  They joined SMART Child and Family Services as treatment foster parents in 2011 due to the special needs of the child they were caring for.  Peggy recalls stopping at SMART CFS and asking for support to help this child.  “I was new to foster care and started as fictive kin (which means social ties that are not based on blood or marital ties) and had no idea what I was getting into. After almost a year, I walked into SMART CFS desperate for information.  Laura sat with me for over an hour and Jo was out to my house within a week. I think they literally saved our sanity and helped us get the help our little guy needed. If it wasn’t for the agency and the support they give us on a daily basis, we would not be able to help the kids the way we need to. They are the best. Sharon and Amy have been working with us for a long time now and they are tireless in their efforts to support both the kids and the adults.”  

Since then, Peggy and Willie have cared for three children, provided respite for several more, and currently have two foster sons that have been with them for three years and almost two years.  When asked about the joys of fostering, they noted providing kids with a family environment, exposing them to a variety of experiences and helping them turn a “bad beginning into a good ending.”  Peggy noted that “no kid can be loved by too many people.”  The hardest part about fostering for them has been knowing that you can’t “fix” what’s gone wrong in the children’s lives and that you don’t always know what happens after they leave your home.


Peggy and Willie are committed to engaging the children they care for in typical community activities, such as sports, scouting, and employment. This is in addition to the multiple appointments they have.  They delight in every achievement and accomplishment and weather through the challenges.

Peggy and Willie have successfully worked with children towards reunification, adoption, and transition to adulthood.  They understand the importance of maintaining the child’s relationships with important people in their lives.  They worked closely with one child’s birth parents as he transitioned back home and still maintain a relationship with them.  One of their foster sons has three siblings and Peggy has been instrumental in maintaining relationships with them.

SMART Child and Family Services extends a huge thank you to Peggy Rowe and Willie Angelino, and all resource parents, for their service.

Sharon Dadmun, LMSW-cc is the Treatment Foster Care Supervisor at SMART Child and Family Services, a behavioral health agency providing an array of services.  The Treatment Foster Care program is currently recruiting more resource families to meet the needs of Maine’s children and youth.  Please contact Sharon for more information at sdadmun@smartcfs.org  or (207) 893-0386.