Welcome Back!

At last, summer is here! The kids are finally out of school and schedules are completely changed. It’s a bit of a happy chaos in my house. There is just something about summer that no matter my age, I feel the same excitement I felt as a kiddo. I’ll always be a summer gal. I feel the best, both mentally and physically. I have the best summer memories from childhood, as well. Most of those memories are little things- spending time with friends and family, beach days, etc. I hope my kids feel the same at my age about their childhood summers.

Speaking of summer, this is our Summertime Fun edition. We have some fun things for you to do. Whether it’s participating in camps or recreation programs, bowling, berry picking, taking a scenic train ride, enjoying a musical or production, dancing, or any number of things, you can find it here. 

It’s important that whatever activity you are embarking on your family is well-hydrated. I sound like a broken record with my own kids, especially my teen who mows lawns all summer. It’s crucial. Erin Haverty from Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council has some great tips and a super-hydrating recipe for you to try this season.

Pam Leo wants us to prevent that summer reading slide this year. She has some creative ways to make sure all children in Maine have access to books this season. This is a great way to kick off the summer. Take a peek inside for more details.

Summer is always a time of physical and emotional growth. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that as parents we tend to be a little less structured with schedules and what we allow this time of year. This is a gift to our kids. Elizabeth Richards explains how allowing for healthy risk-taking during childhood is so important. She has helpful tips for us to make sure that can happen.

When the school year finishes up, we are making sure the kids keep up with reading and math, but we can also use our backyards to teach them about nature. It’s fun to create our own science curriculum. Mike Murphy has some fun ideas of how to make your own observatory this summer. 

Give it a try!

I hope you have a wonderful summer and make magical memories. Take a look and see if you can find the Book Fairy for a chance to win a gift card from Bull Moose Mill Creek in South Portland. Thanks for reading Parent & Family! I will meet you back here for our All About Baby and Fall issue in September.